How Much Does it Cost???

We just returned from a FABULOUS week on Lake Shasta so I thought I’d better post this while these figures were fresh in my mind.  The houseboats were a bigger expense during the peak season in July as opposed to the Value season in August that we usually do.  We also get a “return customer” discount of 10% which is a big savings too!

We had 42 people in our group this year!!!  We actually  had 2 groups of 21 on 3 houseboats.  We also had a 20-passenger patio boat, 2 ski boats & a waverunner.

We charged $483 per person but after all was said and done, it ended up costing $425 per person.  We all ended up with a little money left over at the end.  You always want to OVER budget – there is nothing worse than needing to collect more money from everyone.  It is always a pleasant surprise to get money BACK for your return trip!

Here is a breakdown of the ACTUAL costs at the end of our trip:

  • 3 Houseboats – $10,810
  • Patio Boat – $1,565
  • Fuel – $1,710
  • Ice – $315
  • Food & Alcohol – $2,320
  • Ski boats – $1,000 (we “rented” the ski boats from the people who brought them for $500 each – for wear & tear, towing them down there, time towing people around, etc.)
  • Standup Paddleboards – $100 (we borrowed these from friends but got them each $50 Starbucks gift cards as a thank you)

TOTAL – $17,820

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