Miscellaneous Thoughts

For women/girls – bring several styles of swimsuit tops.  A week in a halter top can wreak havoc on your neck!  Try for strapless or a regular tank top style.

Bring a couple different styles of sunglasses.  The backs of my ears and my nose get sore wearing sunglasses all day every day so I like to have one pair with metal frames and nose clips and one pair of tortoise shell style.  This will also help with “raccoon eyes” if you don’t have the same shape on your face every day.


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One Response to Miscellaneous Thoughts

  1. Michele M. says:

    It’s fun to decorate the boat and make it festive, especially if you are celebrating something in particular. We had themed days, thanks to Billie Jo M.! Some examples, Red Neck day (we wore bandanas, Fireball tanks, cut off jeans, cowboy hats and we drew tattoos with sharpies!), mardi gras day (beads, flashy colors, special names), tropical day (we wore leis, sarongs, flowers for the girls hair), etc. We also had a night where the kids broke up into small groups and presented skits….actually some of the adults did too! It was really fun!~

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