A Few More Things to Bring

I forgot about some of the other little essentials you will not want to forget –

Toilet paper is provided – I don’t think we’ve ever had a problem running out

Bring with you:


Paper Towels and dinner napkins

Disinfectant Counter Wipes

Dish Soap, there is a new sponge provided

Pam Cooking Spray


Foil, Saran Wrap, Ziploc Baggies – for storing left overs

Runner Rugs and small entry rugs.  This is a catch 22 because the rugs will be wet the whole week and you will be stepping on soggy rugs.  But the other side is that the floors get slippery when people come in and out of the water and we have had some serious slips!

Stinky spray for the bathroom or if you have not tried “Poopourri”, you are missing out 🙂  http://www.poopourri.com/  They sell it at Bed Bath & Beyond.


The mattresses are all vinyl coated so they are noisy when people roll around and sticky if your skin touches them.  If I’m in a bedroom, I always bring my 1″ egg carton foam topper and a fitted sheet.  The beds are all queen that I’ve come across.  Other than the twin bunks.  I just feel that my back and neck are so much happier when I bring this small convenience!  I also bring my own memory foam pillow but there are PLENTY of clean pillows already on the boat!

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