Laying Out Your Sleeping Arrangements

This task is so important and yet so many people don’t put very much thought in it.  You need to really think about the type of group that is coming with you and pick the floor plan with the best options.  Do you have more “couples”, “singles” or families?  Do you need more queen beds or bunk beds?  Know this in advance helps people know what kind of bedding to bring.  Some rooms allow for an actual sheet set, some areas you will just want a light sleeping bag.

shasta 1

My mom & I agonize over the floor plan for months.  We constantly change it as we get closer.  The last several times that we have gone, we have reserved 2 boats so that complicates things a little bit but also offers more options.

Things we consider when working on the floor plan:

  • The person/people planning the trip should get priority on the best sleeping arrangements.
  • The people who have RSVP’d and paid for the trip first should get first priority on the bedrooms.
  • Families need to be together on the same boat so parents can keep track of their own children.
  • Older people and tall people should not be placed up in the “dog house”.
  • Try to keep people out of the kitchen area if at all possible.  Or only put kids out there.
  • Try to put early risers together or put them in the kitchen.  These people tend to wake up at the crack of dawn and rattle around in the kitchen trying to make coffee and wake the rest of the boat up 🙂
  • There is usually ample room on the top decks for sleeping under the stars or putting up a small tent.
  • The older boats have a ton more storage than the newer boats.  There are huge closets for the people who don’t have a bedroom to store all their stuff.

Over the years we have become spoiled and have learned we like to pay a little more for more comfort.  You will have just as much fun getting the cheapest boat and cramming as many people as the max allows as you would if you got the most expensive boat and only put people in bedrooms.  Book whatever boat your budget allows and it will all work out with some careful planning.

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2 Responses to Laying Out Your Sleeping Arrangements

  1. Susie Wedlake says:

    Great advice! Can be the best vacation ever!

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  2. Michele M. says:

    Yep, and needs change over the years. In the past, my husband and I went with a huge group of childless couples….and we were young! LOL! So, we definitely crammed a lot of people on one boat. These days I am advocating for more space and perhaps an actual Bedroom for the next time we go (hopefully 2016!!!). But one thing we have really enjoyed is sleeping under the stars in our sleeping bags. Love it!!

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