What to Cook – Menu & Shopping List


2018_shasta_grocery list

The above menu and shopping list is based on 14-16 people ^^^.

The meals that you cook on your vacation greatly depend on your preferences.  We have done it two ways – very basic with very little actual “cooking” (hot dogs, sandwiches, cereal) and also much more gourmet with bbq tri-tip, full heavy breakfasts, hot meals at lunch – but have now settled somewhere in between.

We have found that if your meals are too plain and repetitive, you get very bored by the end of the week.  But if you plan for too much prep & cooking, people are stranded in the kitchen too long!  And that kitchen can get HOT at certain times of the day!  We suggest utilizing the BBQ as much as possible – especially for dinners.

Every adult & every child helps cook at least twice during the week.  Each meal is broken down into whether it is “easy”, “medium” or “hard” to cook.  If someone prefers to BBQ, I’ll make sure they are on that meal.  If someone an admitted poor cook, I will make sure to put them on an “easy” meal.

We try to pre-cook and freeze any of our meats.  We also pre-cook any salads (macaroni, potato, tuna).  We splurge and buy pre-cooked bacon as well.  This is more expensive but so much more convenient!

Something that is of great debate is whether to bring paper/plastic utensils.  Again – we have done it both ways and now only use the provided dishes.  Paper/plastic makes so much GARBAGE!  That garbage either has to be stored on the front of the boat where it attracts bees and bears or you have to take a half hour trek to the marina to dump it.  Is it so bad to do dishes 2 meals out of 20 during the week?  We have never run out of water and we have never filled up our holding tank doing it this way.  We use the hot lake water to wash and the hot fresh water to rinse.

We do bring Hydro-Flask style cups that we use for drinking water and cocktails.hydroflask

However you plan you food, I suggest you go over your quantities with a fine tooth comb.  There is very limited shopping sources on the lake and you will pay a pretty penny for anything you forget or run out of!  It is always better to have more than you think you need.

We did discover “Lakeshore Villa Market” last year, which is off of I-5 on Lakeshore Drive on the opposite side of the freeway from Antlers Road.  This is still more expensive than you will want to spend but definitely cheaper and many more options than you will find in any of the marinas!  We are planning to bring only the first half of the weeks fruits and veggies and then make a trip up there on Wednesday to buy the 2nd half.

There are 2 RV-sized refrigerator/freezers.  They work fairly well, just try to keep people from opening and closing them constantly.  We don’t keep drinks in them at all.  The food mentioned in the above menu will mostly all fit in them but you will need one large cooler reserved for produce.  We re-purpose plastic juice jugs by filling them 3/4 of the way with water, freezing them and using them in the coolers on the way down and then again in this produce ice chest.  We have 3 or 4 that we rotate.


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  1. Michele M. says:

    Meal planning can be so much fun with your group and should necessitate a few get togethers of meal planning parties to prepare (just be sure to get the planning out of the way before the liquor comes out at these planning parties or else your menu morphs from month to month)! I would add a couple tidbits. It’s nice to have some little small breakfast goodies on hand for those early risers who need a little something before the Real breakfast is ready, like bagels and cream cheese, pastries, etc. Also, we packed our frozen meats that we knew we were going to use toward the last part of the week in a lot of ice packs in a cooler and then just shoved that small cooler into the big dark closet. They kept well and although they were thawed by the time we needed to use them, they were cold and fresh. As far as who cooks, we assigned breakfasts and dinners, but kept lunches “on your own” with several simple options, so that the kids could DIY it themselves too. And can we say snacks, snacks, snacks. Kids get hungry with all that tubing, wake boarding, swimming, etc. The more variety of snacks, the better. One last thing, we like to have whoever is in charge of dinner, be in charge of the “cocktail of the day” for whoever wants to partake. ( :


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