What to Bring

Items to bring:

Camping fans with extra set of batteries – some of the nights get hot and some of the boat models have very little windows

Earplugs – trust me!  On these glorified travel trailers, you can hear EVERYTHING!

1 bath towel and 1 beach towel per person


Go easy on extra clothing besides swim suits and covers.  A light sweatshirt is usually needed.


Bedding – depending on what type of bed you are sleeping on, I usually just bring a fitted sheet.  If I’m up in the doghouse or up sleeping under the stars, 2 light blankets.

Mattresses are vinyl covered and noisy so an egg crate pad is recommended.

Sheets and light blankets, Don’t bother with sleeping bags – you will be hot!

Many comfortable pillows are provided – bring pillowcases

Cases of Bottled Water – enough for 3 or 4 per person per day – this is A LOT of water but you will use it!

Flavor Drops (like Mio) for your bottled water

A couple Sharpies to label your water bottle.  This is to try to prevent kids from taking 2 sips and then setting it down somewhere to waste.


We do not provide anything to drink for the collective group other than water.  If a family wants to bring other things to drink, they will want to keep it in a cooler labeled with their name – we try to store these on the front of the boats or in their rooms.

pop, juice, beer, alcohol


Label anything you don’t want to share.  If you leave it out in the open, it will be used.


Floaties and life jackets


Sunscreen (the wet spray kind is the best), bug spray


Sun hats


Suggestions – games, fishing gear, camera, binoculars, magazines, books


Inside showers are limited – the holding tanks are small.  Unlimited outside showers.

Bring your own toiletries & bath towels.


Tennis shoes that can get wet or water shoes if you want to go on shore or hike at all


There is always plenty of food but if your family likes a particular snack, you will want to bring it and leave it in your room.


The generators will be rarely ran.  Don’t count on electronics always being charged.  The exhaust runs out of the back of the boat where everyone hangs out and swims.  Not to mention the cost of gas to run them.  Try to designate someone the generator sheriff.  Turn them on for an hour in the morning when everyone is eating breakfast to charge the batteries and any other electronics that are necessary.  Then again later at night when everyone is inside eating dinner in the heat of  afternoon.  Run the A/C at that time too for those people cooking the hottest meal!


Cell phone service is unlikely other than certain areas in the middle of the lake.

Shut off your phone and be present in the moment!

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One Response to What to Bring

  1. Michele M. says:

    If you are bringing kids, some DVD movies are good. They get worn out and tired from all the water play and some evenings just need some downtime to watch a good Disney movie.


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