Choosing When to Go

For the purpose of demonstrating the price differences during the summer, I’m using the “Ultimate Cruiser” model at Antlers Resort.  This has been one of our favorite, most versatile models.

This chart shows the current 2015 rates and as you can see, they vary dramatically from season to season.

Summer Late
Memorial Day &
Labor Day Weekend
Spring Value Off
Weekly $5215 $3892 n/a $3633 $2854 $2595
4 nights $3212 $2409 $2409 $2248 $1767 $1606
3 nights $2877 $2158 $2158 $2014 $1582 $1439

Summer Season: June 12-August 6

Late Summer: August 7-September 2

Memorial Day/Labor Day Weekend: May 21-May 25, September 3-September 7

Spring Season: May 26-June 11

Value Season: May 2-May 20, September 8-October 1

Off Season: April 1-May 1, October 2-October 31

Our favorite time to go is during “Late Summer”.  We usually try to go the first week that the rate is available.  We typically have teachers in our group that can’t go too close to the school season starts so our time isn’t super flexible.  As you can see, this saves us $1,320!  That is a huge savings over going during the summer peak season.  Our group always ends up with 2 houseboats to accommodate everybody so the savings is doubled!

Make sure to book your trip a year in advance if possible!  They only have a few of each model and they book up fast!

We have heard really good things about the weather in June but we personally did not have a good experience when we went in June several years ago.  It actually rained on us a couple days and the water was pretty chilly compared to August.

This summer we are going in peak season and let me tell you, we can definitely feel the price difference in our budget!  We are not spreading out our floor plans like we usually do and have people sleeping everywhere, just to keep it affordable.

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