What Company to Rent Your Houseboat From

Let me start out by saying we are partial to Antlers Resort & Marina.  They have not paid me for this advertisement, this is just my personal opinion over the years.  We have also tried Holiday Harbor, which was a fine experience, but we ultimately have always gone back to Antlers.  Their customer service is unbeatable.

One HUGE advantage at Antlers is that they bring a large pontoon boat up in to the parking lot where your family can load it’s supplies for the week.  They then take the pontoon boat down in to the water and park it right next to or across from your houseboat.  If you have never seen how STEEP the trek is down to the water, you will be in for a big surprise!  Other companies require you to use wheelbarrows to haul your own supplies down.  Some days can be 100+ degrees and you are hauling these things up and down dozens of times per family!

Another advantage for us using the same company year to year is that you get a return customer discount.

Every company offers different styles, floorplans and prices on their houseboats so check them all out and find the one that works best for your family.  Maybe you have all couples so need more queen bed options, maybe you have more singles so you might want more bunkbed options.  Whatever your needs, there is a houseboat for you!mirage3

Here is a list of all the companies that rent houseboats on Lake Shasta:

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